Stevie Rose has been a henna body artist since 2001. She began working at the Renaissance Faire while pursuing a degree in art, and has been hooked ever since. From then on, she expanded her business and has done henna at hundreds of festivals on the west coast,  from Southern California to Washington state. She also loves to do private events and clientele.  She recently discovered Jagua fruit gel from South America as another earth-based temporary tattoo medium.. and is delighted to bring that option to her clients as well. She excitedly invites you to join her as she continues her adventures and journey with all natural temporary body art from around the world. 
Stevie appreciates and loves traditional mehndi patterns but she also loves to work outside the box of what is expected. She specializes in merging western designs with traditional techniques to bring you whatever your artistic mind desires. So whether you are looking for something very  mehndi-traditional, or something more contemporary... whether you are getting married or just trying out a design for keeps, Heart of Henna is here for you! 
 All work is done completely free-hand without the use of stencils. She always has a plethora of designs to choose from - or she can do a customized design of your choice, ... or you can always choose to be surprised and let her freestyle something beautiful on you. Her goal is to fulfill your body art vision and make your temporary tattoo dreams come true.
Send her an inquiry to book your next event or private appointment. She is a mobile artist which means unless you find her in her booth at a festival- she will come to you. Looking forward to meeting you!
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Body art is for everyone no matter what age gender sex or race