After Care Instructions-How To Take Care of Your Temporary Tattoo


Once henna paste is applied to the skin, it generally takes 15 minutes or so to fully dry. (Very thick designs and/or humid conditions can prolong this to 30-40 minutes or so.) At this point, for best results an after-care solution of lemon juice and sugar is applied. The sugar acts as a sort of natural "glue" to keep the paste on your skin; the lemon juice draws out more color from the henna dye to give you the best possible stain. Keep it on your skin from 4-10 hrs.


The longer it stays on the darker the results will be. However, after about 24 hours the dye has penetrated as much as it can and there is no point in leaving it on any longer. You should still get a good stain after just 4 hours. When you are ready to take it off, it will be crumbly. I recommend using a vegetable oil to help remove the paste. It will be a light orange at first and as it oxidizes it will take about 48 hours for the color to darken to it's fullest potential. You should not plan to get your henna wet for the next 8 hours or so after you receive your body art. 


Fresh henna paste

Final henna stain


Fresh jagua gel

Jagua stain immediately after removal

Final jagua stain

Once jagua gel is applied to the skin, it takes about 30-40 minutes to dry. There is no after care solution for jagua. Keep it on your skin for 3-4 hours ONLY. Leaving it on longer will NOT give you a better stain. Do not sleep with jagua as it has the tendency to transfer to other people or fabrics. When it is ready to come off it sort of peels off in small pieces- like you're removing a sticker. When you are ready to remove it, please do so with soap and water. It will be a light grey at first - sometimes barely visible-but will darken tremendously within 48 hours as it oxidizes. 

*Jagua should be done in a very calm and quiet environment. While there is a very short 30-60 second grace period with henna, jagua stains the skin immediately and if it gets smudged at all there is no way to fix it. Parties and events lend themselves to chaos and lots of activity. Due to this and the longer drying time, it is easier for jagua to be smudged accidentally. For best results, it is best to plan for a time when you know you will be free of chaos and distractions.  

**For jagua, henna, and even "hengua"... for best results, do not go swimming or soak in water- especially in the ocean or in chlorinated water- in the 1-3 wks that you have your temporary tattoo. Salt and chlorine are abrasives that can shorten the life of your stain. Regular showering is fine. Ultimately it is washing and exfoliation that will make your design disappear. For extra protection you can put oil, shea butter, or clear chap stick on your tattoo daily and especially before you bathe. This way you can get the most from your temporary body art.** 

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